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This is sort of long, but it amused me. Stick with it, yeh? Might make you grin too.

So anyways, the other day I was at this... sort of salvage place. Eh... it's kind of like Liquidation world, only the owner(s) love the number 88. Seriously, 88 is in every price. 88 cents, 1.88, etc etc... (the amusing thing is, I have never seen anything in that store priced at 88.88. But I digress.) and they were having a 60-to-80% off the sale of a... magic shop? I have no idea what you'd call this sort of store... (the sort that sells inscense that smells strongly of patchouli and books on to read your fortune from cards, meditate, and generally be witchyfied) so, of course, I looked. Ooh, ahh, tarot decks!

Now, let me explain this; I am not a "witch", nor have I ever imagined myself to be (okay, maybe that's a lie. There was that one halloween and I have been imagining that I am a witch who will get her Hogwarts letter any day now for a couple of years...), I'm not a Christian, I just am a happy little apathetic soul who wanders through life. And I like tarot cards. Not because I believe that they can divine my future (or that I don't believe that), but becaue they are really, really pretty. I mean, come on! Look at them!

So anyways, I ended up buying two decks-- the Morgan Greer tarot (which came in a kit with a paper mat for spreadin', a book, and the cards) and The Chinese Tarot (Oh the shiny, shiny cards). And, after a few practice runs and nearly choking to death on the residual incense smell, I decide to 'tell' my own fortune.

So I lay out my cards. I decide to use the "European Method" described in my booklet doodad, and so I lay out nine cards. Which represent my life. Oooo. From distant past, to distant future.

Boom! Distant past! Four of pentacles, reversed. Oh noes! I look it up--gasp. Loss of money. Yes, this is true. Homigod.

Bang! not-so-distant past! The Magician! also reversed! (had I done it upside down?) Abuse of power, trickery, deciet. Well, I'm not going to comment on that, because I never do those things! (*ties your shoelaces together while you're busy reading*)

Recent past! Pizzap! The Sun--rightside up this time. Hmm, warmth love and joy. I don't remember that, but okay!

Onto the present. Humming the Star Wars theme, I began to flip those over, looking them up in my book. Generally good things happened--okay, I can dig it.

Then, with some apprehension, I looked at the future cards. Oh noes. trembling, I turned one over, looked up its meaning, and sighed in relief. General fluff, was pretty much the meaning of that card. Next, the King of staves. Reversed. A sneaky, traitorous spy was gonna get me. (oh noes I am Dumbledore!)

And, finally, the final card, representing my most distant future was...


Well, duh.

(PS: Death means good things, in the Tarot. I just kind of found it amusing that it showed up there.)


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Jun. 10th, 2006 08:27 am (UTC)
I have Dragon Tarot cards by Terry Donaldson and Peter Pracownik. I bought them for the same reason you bought yours. Pretty, pretty and dragons!

Mine live wrapped in a pink silk scarf in a purple velvet pouch with orange satin lining. Love the clashing.

They don't so much get used as taken out and looked at.

Besides, they're only supposed to work if they are inherited or given as a gift. Buying them for yourself is supposed to kill the mojo. Supposedly.
Jun. 21st, 2006 12:50 pm (UTC)
Every messenger, on every computer I own, has stalled.

This is not my fault; and though I stab it and kill it, and dig out curse words I haven't used in ten years; like cock-sucking-dick-weed-head; and hit it, I just can't seem to get a response which ends with my being online.

And I shortly have to go shopping.

But when I get back, I'll have another go at choking it to death. Promises.

Love love.
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